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This blog is chocolate recipe driven, and is about sharing luxurious  recipes  that are easily achieved by the home baker.  With an added sprinkle of inspiration from travel experiences.

I'm hoping you'll be inspired to bake and learn how to use quality chocolate in your creations.

Use fairly sourced and high quality ingredients always, and even if your completed dish doesn't look like it was supposed to, it will probably still taste great.

Never tell anyone what dessert is, until it arrives at the table.  The terms 'deconstructed' and 'innovative' are always helpful last minute!

These recipes have been tested by my team of twenty recipe testers .... home bakers that trial the recipes in their home kitchens and give me feedback.  I can't thank them enough for their valuable input into making my recipes 'friendly' for the home baker!


Jodie V.

I'm a chocolatier, baker, founder/Managing Director and owner of Josophan's Fine Chocolates and the Gingerbread House Katoomba.  I'm also a mother, traveller, explorer, food lover and I am very easily amused (often by myself).

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