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Chocolate Mousse


This has to be the easiest chocolate mousse in the world!

Silken, creamy and chocolaty, it ticks all the boxes.

Except egg. I love egg, don't get me wrong. I use oodles of eggs, and they amaze me with their versatility, I seriously think they're the best. But I'm not keen on the addition of raw egg, in cold set desserts. I don't like when the egg doesn't get cooked. Clearly I'm no Rocky.

So this mousse recipe, is sans the egg. With just 3 ingredients, cream, chocolate and vanilla, it's super fast to make, and can be made ahead of time when entertaining. Serve it with something crunchy if you'd like a contrasting texture ... like biscotti, or nuts, or caramelised anything, or chocolate that is grated or shaved. Add another dollop of fresh cream on the top with raspberries for some acidity to cut through the rich creaminess.

It's the easiest dessert in the world. You're welcome.


For a print friendly recipe click here!


450g dark chocolate callets (buttons)

250g thickened cream (to boil)

750g thickened cream (lightly beaten)

1-2 tsp good quality vanilla extract (add to lightly beaten cream)


Heat cream until almost boiling.

Pour cream over chocolate, let stand for 20 seconds, then gently whisk until combined.

Let cool slightly.

Fold through a small amount (about ½ cup) of the lightly beaten cream.

Add the rest of the cream, folding through until combined.

Pour into serving dishes/glasses and refrigerate.


BOOZE IT UP always a favourite ... add 30ml of your favourite liqueur to the cream that is lightly beaten ... orange liqueur or hazelnut liqueur are great.

CRUNCHY TIME add a crunchy topping to the mousse .. or fold through ... for interesting contrast to the silky texture. Roasted cacao nibs are great, either folded through the mousse or on top, and add a rich bitter chocolate contrast. Roasted hazelnuts or almonds are tasty sprinkled ove the top.

SIDE LINE Use the mousse as an accompaniment to a dessert ie. a quenelle (use a hot spoon to scoop) dolloped on as component of a dessert plate, or on top of a slice of tart or cake etc. or also this textured mousse is great layered in a cake.



The best quality chocolate you can afford



Fair Trade certified or chocolate that has been been ethically & sustainably sourced



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